Hi My Name is Heather Winston and I'm a Women's Functional Health Coach.  First of all GO YOU, MOMMA! You are taking the first step to ensure your daughter has the best transition into her cycle! Being proactive is always best.

A little about me.  Six years ago I went to the doctor because I felt like I was always hungry, had cystic painful ovaries, no sex drive, no energy, anxious and depressed, insecure, ashamed, hormonally  off, lacking self discipline, mentally defeated  and overwhelmed.  I had gained so much weight and knew something was wrong. Diagnosed with prediabetes and polycystic ovarian syndrome my life was turned upside down and I knew there was a better way.  I took charge of my own life, decided I wanted to do the same for others and got certified as a Functional Health Nutritionist.   My goal and life purpose is to help as many women navigate this crazy world we live in and do it well!  Starting from tweens all the way into our later years.  I want to be the help and support I so desperately needed 6 years ago.

Raising tween girls is hard enough, you don’t need to stress about how to talk to her about her cycle.   That’s why I created My Top 5 Tips to Help Your Tween Through Her Cycle. 

Download My Tips Here!
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